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PTO Santa Shop
December 4-8, 2017
PTO Meeting Dec. 11th @ 9 am 
PTO Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2017
1. Costs since last meeting include popcorn supplies, pencil sharpener for Mrs. Sunday for EOG testing, poster paper, vinyl, laminating rolls, kindergarten hanging hooks, postage for box tops, October teacher appreciation gift ( hot chocolate, tea bags, and cough drops) 
2. Popcorn Friday: we need 2 people to take over starting in January. Must be able to be at the school between 6:30-6:45 on Popcorn Friday mornings, we are still popping around 600 bags. Full year subscription still available with a prorated price. If you choose to purchase weekly, money must be sent in by 3 pm Thursday. 
3. CandyMan fundraiser: limo lunch and main event were a success, thanks to all the help from parents! 
4. Box Top Contest: ended Oct. 13th. We submitted 9,771 tops! The first place classroom (combined with the next submission) will receive $150 to spend in the classroom with popcorn,pjs and a PG movie. 
5. Sanity Savers: changed the volunteer days to Tuesday and Thursday's from 8:45-10:45. 
6. Santa Shop: December 1st set up and inventory count only 2-3 volunteers are needed. Santa Shop will run from December 4-8th (ending the 8th @noon). All shoppers will receive a mini candy cane supplied by the PTO.  We will need about 8 volunteers every morning and 3-4 in the afternoons to assist with shopping and wrapping. Sam will be sending out sign up emails and fb posts soon.
We discussed having each teacher use 2 hall passes at a time to keep the amount of kids shopping at one time lower, also setting morning times (8:30-12) for grades k-2 and the afternoon (12-3:30) for 3-4th grades. Students may not come to Santa Shop before they go to class in the morning unless they have a parent with them. 
One Secret Santa child from each classroom will be chosen by the teacher, and the PTO will provide them 5.00 with no change given to spend in the shop. 
Online gift certificates can be purchased, cash or checks for the exact amount will be accepted. Change can be given for cash and gift certificates but not for checks. (Children are responsible for their money and change received.) 
Budget Envelopes and Flyers will go home Nov. 27th.
7. Photos with Santa/Bulldog: We are tabling Santa but are looking into free photos with a Bulldog during the Bulldog Breakfast (We are checking on the mascot costume) We will have to work on the details, more info to follow. Mr. Reed did say He was ok with photos with Santa but we just need more time to plan that so we can look into this for next year.
8. CHEW: currently their is a food drive going on to support our holiday bag packing, if you would like to donate please bring food to your child's classroom or front office labeled for CHEW. We now have 43 kids we pack for. (86 breakfasts, 86 lunches,86 snacks, and 86 dinners weekly so food goes fast!) We are currently in need of hormel complete turkey dinners and boxes of cereal. We would like to provide a turkey dinner for each child. 
9. Bulldog breakfast: donuts/muffins/hot chocolate before school starts possible sometime in February with a Valentines theme. Parents can come eat breakfast with their child (no cost)
Mr. Reed did ok the breakfast so we will now work on details of times, location and how to rsvp so we can have the right amount of food available.
10. Teacher Days:  Octobers cough drops and hot beverages were greatly appreciated especially to kiss and go lane monitors on those cold mornings. December we will be giving the teachers their 50.00 Walmart gift cards for classroom supplies, as well as hot breakfast and yogurt for their Dec staff meeting. Please send us your ideas for Jan.
Teacher questionnaire is up and running on the website. If you do not see your child's teachers please encourage them to look for the email from Mrs. Collins to fill it out! 
11. Grade Raffle: 5 baskets with 5 different themes. (i.e. Kitchen, entertainment) parents can donate items, gift certificates to fill the baskets from the community and they will either be raffled or sold using a silent auction. Each grade will benefit from profits made, more info will follow.
12. Fun Run: Boosterthon fun run rep meeting will be rescheduled. Details known so far; all students can run, they handle everything from the pep rally, prizes, event and online pledges. Topsail elementary raised about $27,000 this year using them.