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Volunteer Fingerprint Schedule


Click the above link for the scheduled fingerprint  dates.

Onslow County Schools

Criminal Background Checks for School Volunteers



Parents or other family members do not have to have a criminal background

check if they plan to participate in school activities with their child. For

example, you do not have to have a background check to attend a field trip

with your child or eat lunch on campus with your child. You only have to

have a background check if you will be working with or supervising students

other than your own child in the school setting.

If you want to be a school volunteer as described above please complete this

form, have your school principal sign it, and bring the signed copy to the

Onslow County Schools Education and Technical Support Center so you can

be fingerprinted for a criminal history check. Volunteer fingerprinting is

done from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. on most first and third Wednesdays of each

month. Please visit our website at for a complete

schedule. To be fingerprinted, you must have your signed copy of this form

with you.

Name: _______________________________________________________

School: _______________________________________________________

Child's Name: _________________________________________________

Teacher's Name: _______________________________________________

Describe the type of volunteer work you plan to do:





If approved after a background check, the person named above will be

working as a volunteer at my school site and I request that Onslow County

Schools conduct and pay for the criminal history report.

Principal's signature: ____________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________________